Road Infrastructure

Supervision of Lugoj-Deva Highway, Batch 3 (partner)
August 2014 – August 2019 

Contract objectives:
Supervision of design and works for the investment project: "Design and execution of Lugoj-Deva Highway, Batch 3", at high quality standards, evaluation and approval of works, materials, equipment, etc., in the position of "Engineer" in accordance with the Works Contract Terms in the Government Decision 1405/2010 and Order of Transport Ministry 146/2011, in the design and execution stages, as well as in the Defect Notification Period, in order to have good quality works performed by the Contractor, and complete the Design and Works by contract deadlines.
Financing source: SOP Transport 2007-2013 and stat budget
Beneficiary: National Company for Highways and National Roads

Other projects : Transport Infrastructure
Consulting services for project management and verification of works for constructions and installations for: „Rehabilitation of the railway Border-Curtici-Simeria, a component of Pan-European IV – for trains with a maximum speed of 160 km/h: Section 3: Gurasada – Simeria” – Batch 4” (partner)
October 2017 - present
General objective:
Rehabilitation of rails and modernization of stations with a view to bringing the railway km 614 – Simeria in line with the technical parameters of the international agreements and increasing the speed to 160 km/h for the passenger trains.
Parameters of the railway after rehabilitation:
  • Length of rehabilitated section: 40.883 km
  • Total number of bridges: 17 (of which 3 bridges over Mures),
  • Total number of higher passageways: 4
  • Total number of lower passages: 3
  • Total number of footbridges: 27
  • Railway traffic supervision and control system, ERTMS system (ETCS NIVEL 2 + GSMR) on a distance of 40.883 km
  • Maximum traffic speed for the passenger trains: 160 km/h
  • Maximum traffic speed for the freight trains: 120 km/h
  • Railway stations: 4.
 Financing source: Cohesion Fund through SOP Transport 2007-2013 / LIOP 2014 – 2020 and the State Budget
Beneficiary: CN CFR SA

Consulting and site inspection services for: Modernization of installations on the main subway railways 1, 2, 3 and link section – Access control systems (sole contractor) March 2016 - present


The services include:

             a)     Assistance provided to METROREX SA. for the start of works;

b)    Supervision, monitoring of the works including registration and reporting on the progress of works;

c)     Verification of the monthly schedule of works and monitoring of its implementation;

d)    Verification and approval of the Details for Construction Works, and of Constructor’s work schedules, installations, equipment, construction techniques and materials (qualitative and quantitative check), in accordance with the provisions of the contract for works;

e)     Training of the staff designated by the Client to manage the project (PIU team);

f)     Monitoring/supervision services during the period of guarantee.

Financing sources: Cohesion Fund through SOP Transport 2007-2013 and State Budget

Beneficiary: METROREX SA